Corsage (2022)

Krieps royally funny in risque ‘Corsage’ Since her breakout performance in P.T. Anderson’s “Phantom Thread,” filmmakers haven’t quite figured out how to fully utilize Vicky Krieps. At least not until writer-director Marie Kreutzer came along with “Corsage,” a delicious offering in which Krieps excels as the beleaguered, sex-starved Empress Elizabeth of Austria. It’s set mainly […]

Broker (2022)

You’ll be sold on ‘Broker’ Continuing his reflections on what defines a family, writer-director Hirokazu Kore-eda delivers another mini-masterpiece in which love and criminality meld into a brazen attempt to steal your heart. Yes, he’s repeating many of the themes introduced in his Oscar-nominated “Shoplifters,” but if the formula works, why modify it? Instead of […]

A Man Called Otto (2022)

With Hanks, it’s hard to be ‘Otto’-immune Tom Hanks gets in touch with his inner Larry David as the curmudgeonly sexegenarian at the heart of Marc Forster’s lukewarm English-language remake of Hannes Holm’s Oscar-nominated “A Man Called Ova.” Hanks is in full get-off-my-lawn mode as Otto Anderson, the self-appointed caretaker of his quaint Pittsburgh apartment […]

The Whale (2022)

Bloated ‘Whale’ goes belly up There’s much ado about Brendan Fraser’s king-sized portrayal of a doomed 600-pound Idahoan college professor in “The Whale.” But the stagey, often ridiculous movie he’s wedged into, alas, is thin as a rail. Surprising, since it’s the usually competent Darren Aronofsky (“Black Swan”) at the helm. He does the best […]

Women Talking (2022)

‘Women Talking’ has much to say about abuse For centuries, men have used religion as a means of wielding control over women. In essence, “keeping them in their place” as servants to administer to their needs for sustenance, sexual fulfillment and progeny. Lodge a single protest and consider your ticket to heaven null and void. […]

Living (2022)

Bill Nighy breathes life into ‘Living’ Living and dying. The diametric terms are not necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, they walk hand-in-hand for some as they navigate life, futilely attempting to make sense of their existence. Should our ideal objective during our short stay on Earth be a greater reward in the afterlife? Or, is […]

The Menu (2022)

‘The Menu’ offers its share of treats In the exceedingly pretentious sphere of gourmet connoisseurs, there are two kinds of foodies: eaters and tasters. Depending on your persuasion, you’ll either savor what’s on “The Menu,” or be compelled to send it back to the overheated kitchen of novice chef Mark Mylod. Me? I gobbled it […]

She Said (2022)

Tepid ‘She Said’ doesn’t always say enough “I swear on my children.” That was a favorite line of BS disgraced-and-convicted movie mogul Harvey Weinstein uttered with sociopathic insincerity before molesting dozens of women, be they Hollywood stars or terrified underlings at the indie giant, Miramax. This went unchallenged for three decades. Why? Because he was […]

Babylon (2022)

Decadent ‘Babylon’ takes Hollywood to the extreme In the Bible, Babylon is ground zero for sin, be it of the sexual, chemical or moral variety. It’s a place where pretty much anything goes, and the more debauched the better. In creating his own “Babylon,” Oscar-winner Damien Chazelle attempts to one-up the Old Testament by amping […]