Air Force One Down (2024)

Katerine McNamara in “Air Force One Down.”

Idiotic ‘Down’ is just ‘plane’ awful

In unleashing one of the dumbest movies in a while, director James Bamford’s “Air Force One Down” counters the current presidential field by introducing a young, virile POTUS (Ian Bohen) able almost single-handedly to quash an Astovian uprising. I say “almost” because he receives a huge assist from his newest Secret Service agent, Allison (Katherine McNamara), a voluptuous blonde able to kick ass as well as any of her male peers.

Sprung from the “mind” of writer-producer Steven Paul (“Baby Geniuses”), the highly implausible plot centers on a renegade Astovian general (Rade Serbedzija) commanding his legions to go all bin-Laden on the crew of Air Force One, snatching President Edwards (think a less-intelligent Gavin Newsom) and murdering everyone else.

Well, everyone but Allison, who employs fists, knives, firearms and just about anything she can get her hands on, to free the prez before she and the leader of the free world parachute into enemy territory. There, the runway-ready duo slays some three dozen rebels – video-game style – and ponders who on Edwards’ staff might be the “mastermind.”

Oh, keep an eye open for an almost unrecognizable Anthony Michael Hall as – I kid you not – Allison’s Uncle Sam.

Movie review

Air Force One Down

Rated: R for language and violence throughout

Cast: Katherine McNamara, Ian Bohen, Anthony Michael Hall and Rade Serbedzija

Director: James Bamford

Writer: Steven Hall

Runtime: 90 minutes

Where: In theaters and on VOD

Grade: D

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