Float (2024)

Robbie Amell as Blake and Andrea Bang as Waverly in Float. Photo Credit: Justine Yeung

Soggy ‘Float’ doesn’t offer much Bang for buck

If you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day movie, “Float” ain’t it. It’s actually not much of anything, beyond a pleasing showcase for Andrea Bang (“Luce”) as Waverly, an overtaxed med student seeking asylum from an impending residency and her cloying parents.

She finds said refuge with her black-sheep aunt (Michelle Krusiec) in a tiny Canadian town much too good to be true. Natch, she and the local lifeguard-swim instructor, Blake (Robbie Amell), hook up almost immediately. After all, he and his rebellious sister (Sarah Desjardins) live right next door.

How convenient! There are complications, of course, the sort imposed by screenwriters the ilk of Sherren Lee (who also directs) and Jesse LaVercombe, shamelessly resorting to using Waverly’s fear of water as a metaphor for her reluctance to wade into a relationship she’s convinced is just a summer fling.

Bang does what she can with the material, but is left drowning in cliches.

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Rated: PG-13

Cast: Andrea Bang, Robbie Amell, Michelle Krueiec and Sarah Desjardins

Director: Sherren Lee

Writers: Sherren Lee and Jesse LaVercombe


Where: In theaters and on VOD

Grade: C

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